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Full rip out and fit service with 10 Years warranty

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For our heating & hot water systems

We have put together some answers to the questions we get asked the most by our customers who are thinking about installing our thermal electric hot water and heating systems. Hopefully these answer all the questions you have but if you have some more please feel free to get in touch with our experts anytime.

How much will it cost?

We have created some simple product selector tools on our website to help with the Sunamp Heat Battery and Electrorad Aeroflow Radiators you will need. They also provide the costs which include the removal of your old system and fitment of the new system.

What happens to my current heating system?

Our team of engineers carefully remove and correctly dispose of your current system so you do not have to.

Do I need to do anything before the installation?

We recommend that you turn off any night storage heaters that we are going to remove so that these can be removed safely by our engineers.

Do I need to do anything before the installation?

We recommend that you turn off any night storage heaters that we are going to remove so that these can be removed safely by our engineers.

Will I save money?

Running costs will depend on your current system, if you are currently using electric radiators our Electrorad Aeroflow system will reduce your current running costs.

Can anyone install these systems?

Unfortunately not, an electric heating and hot water system needs to be installed by a qualified professional to ensure they meet all safety standards. Our engineers will also set up your system to ensure it heats your home and water properly and efficiently ensuring you get the most from your new installation.

Do you provide aftercare?

Yes, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong our engineers are available to deal with it quickly.

Can you remove my Economy 7 meter?

Only your energy supplier can remove your economy 7 meter, this is a free service and should only take 15 minutes.

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Why Choose Us?

Eco Smart Heat

Choosing your new heating solution is a big decision, it is important you choose a company you can trust that offer a great service at reasonable prices.

We use the latest electric thermal technology from the best brands with a full rip out and fit service by our engineers who have years of experience. Delivering an energy efficient hot water and heating system.

All backed up with unbeatable warranties:

Sunamp Heat Batteries: 10 Year Warranty
Electrorad Radiators: 30 Year Warranty
Electrorad Radiators Electrical Components: 5 Year Warranty

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Comments From Our Customers

Eco Smart Heat Testimonials

  • Cannot recommend enough, the prices are really competitive and the service is second to none.

    They advised on the best Sunamp for my house and took out my old system and fitted everything to a really high standard. Everything works really well and is saving me money!



Sunamp Heat Batteries

Full of Benefits

Widely Compatible

Single and dual circuit models that work with a wide choice of thermal energy sources.

Easy to Use

A simple user interface shows the charge status of the heat battery.

Quick Installation

High quality components that enable a quick and easy installation.

Flexible Fitting

With exits on three sides the fitting orientation is very flexible.

Four Times More Energy Than Water

Sunamp's patented phase change material formulation stores 4x more energy than water.

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Electrorad Aeroflow

Electric Radiators

We have carefully selected the range of Aeroflow radiators from Electrorad to work seamlessly with our Sunamp Heat Battery installations.

With a traditional design that fits elegantly into any home. Combining a large topside grill for effective airflow with a fluted steel body, these electric radiators provide a comfortable and safety approved design.

Each radiator can be programmed to your specifications and can even be linked to your smart device to control remotely. This ensures total control of the energy used to heat your home when needed.

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