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Affordable heating, lowering your carbon footprint

Electric Boilers


Manufactured in the UK, Eco Smart Electric Boilers are designed with precision and engineered to perfection.

Our electric boilers produce very little noise and have an efficiency of 99.8%. Working effectively alongside any renewable technology they provide ample supply to radiators just like a traditional gas boiler.

If you are considering the switch from gas, have no gas supply or currently use alternative fuels such as oil or LPG, the Eco Smart Electric Boiler is the perfect replacement.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The Benefits

Electric Boilers

Zero Emissions

Unlike a fossil fuel burning boilers, our electric boilers do not need a flue because there are zero emissions.

No Noxious Gases

Running completely on electric there are no potentially dangerous gases produced.


Running at 99.8% efficiency our electric boilers only use the energy the need to produce the heat you need.


All our electric boilers are compatible with solar power so you can save money heating your home with no carbon footprint.

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Eco Smart Combi

Electric Combi Boiler

A wall mounted slim design to replace your gas combi boiler. The Eco Smart Combi is designed for small spaces and can even be mounted in a wall cupboard.


  • Slim design
  • State of the art bespoke PCB
  • Fully modulating Triac Technology
  • External temperature control
  • No flue or fuel supply tank required
  • 99.8% efficient
  • Digital display
  • Soft switching to preserve element life and prevent interference
  • Resettable thermal safety cut-out
  • Compatible with solar power
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Eco Smart Classic

Electric Boiler

A wall mounted vertical slim design that is only 160mm wide. The Eco Smart Classic is designed for small spaces and can even be mounted in a small airing cupboard alongside a cylinder.


  • Slim design, only 160mm wide
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Soft start modulation
  • Electronic, external temperature control
  • No flue or fuel supply tank required
  • 99.8% efficient
  • Self-diagnostic checking with fault codes display
  • Solid state silent relays
  • Resettable thermal safety cut-out
  • Compatible with solar power
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Comments From Our Customers

Eco Smart Heat Testimonials

  • Very pleased with Eco Smart Heat. From the initial enquiry through to planning, delivery, installation and handover the service was excellent.

    Rare these days to find such a great company that offer prices that could not be matched anywhere else.

    Steve Kirby
  • Ecosmartheat have fitted a sunamp heater for me. It was done very efficiently, turned up on time etc. Sorted out little problems on the way (getting it to work so that I can use either my existing oil boiler if I want, or the electric, and sorting a problem with the wiring).

    Also much cheaper and more helpful than a nearer supplier.

    Ruth Blake
  • Very Pleased with the fantastic job done by the guys. They installed our Sunamp heat battery in 2 days including removing old heating system, radiators, tanks etc with minimum disruption and a thoroughly professional attitude.

    Excellent problem solving too working out our antiquated old system. Best thing, all the work was covered by the original quoted price, no hidden extras.

    Thanks very much Eco Smart Heat. Highly recommended.

    Vic W
  • Excellent service from start to finish. Contacted Ben who talked me through the process and organised delivery and installation of Sunamp. Even squeezed me in before Christmas, which was very much appreciated.

    Richard came first thing as promised to install, explaining the process of the fit, making sure I was happy with everything. Very friendly and accommodating guys would definitely recommend their service and product.

  • This is a company with great customer service and competitive pricing which provides a service nationwide. From the initial phone call enquiry to having the unit delivered, immersion heater removed & Thermino 150e installed, the email and phone communication was great.

    The installation was booked within 2 weeks. I have now saved loads of space by putting my washer and dryer into the cupboard where my Thermino is. The company also went above any beyond their normal job role by providing and installing an updated timing switch and the installation of a tee valve to relocate my washer.

    David Tomlinson

Why are we better value?

Eco Smart Heat

We charge a fair price for our products and services so perhaps you should be asking our competitors why they cost more than us?

We do not employ pushy sales executives and we do not spend big on marketing. Why? because our prices, experienced team and products sell themselves.

Compare any of our prices against our competitors and you will find us to be better value with a better service.

We are an independent, family run business with engineers that have over 20 year's experience in the industry. If you would like a free survey and a fair price, contact us today.

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